Athletic Philosophy

Athletics are a vital part of the school experience. The Athletics Department exists to serve the entire community by providing the environment and means for a person to enhance his or her quality of life through sports. Emphasis is on participation, with an unwavering commitment to the fundamental values of fair play and sportsmanship.

Athletic programs promote the physical and educational well being of student-athletes at all times, reflecting the highest standards of dignity and honor that characterize participation in competitive sports in a school setting.

The programs offer a range of options for members of the school community, individually or as part of a team, so they may achieve the physical, mental, and social benefits of participation in athletics. The Department of Athletics provides quality facilities, an outstanding staff, and an environment conducive to the enrichment of community life on campus with an allegiance to the highest moral principles in every aspect of the athletics program.

In alignment with the school’s mission, it is believed that participation in athletics and recreational programs provides excellent preparation for achievement in the everyday world. Participants learn how to compete effectively and with integrity in any setting, how to be a contributing member of a team, how to provide leadership, and how to be resilient after defeat or victory. It is believed that these lessons instill and strengthen those qualities that add to success in a student’s personal, as well as future professional, lives.


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