I am a Director of Athletics at an independent school in Connecticut.  I have been an AD for the past seven years and have worked in the field of education for the past thirteen.  I have learned a great deal about leadership, character, and teamwork over those years, and I continue to learn on a daily basis from all the different groups of individuals that I come into contact with in this job.  I have coached, taught, and now am an administrator.  Independent school has given me such a different look into what education has to offer in athletics.  With sport requirements, and no cuts, you truly get to work with a wide range of student-athletes.

I have decided to start this blog to keep people up to date on the growing trends that are making their way into youth and high school sports.  The goal is to get information out to those who have children who participate in youth or high school sports, coach, or are affiliated with youth programs.  It is to create awareness of the new issues that have continued to arise.  I hope you find it informational and useful.


One thought on “About

  1. jkscott2003 says:

    Love that you are doing this…can’t wait to see where it goes! A topic I will be interested in seeing is whether or not there will be a decline in participation in youth football at independent schools. It will be an interesting research to see if there is a correlation between education/income levels and participation in football.

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