The Coach as a Role Model and Professional

This is part of my coaches handbook that I put together for my school.  A coach is a vital part of a young players development, and these are a few of the characteristics I feel are important for a coach to display.


The Coach as a Role Model and Professional

A role model is a person whose behavior in a particular role is imitated by others.  Modeling those attributes desired in our student athletes is paramount to successful coaching.  Consider the following when carrying out your daily tasks:

a)     Integrity – Follow the rules.   Be honest and fair with your players and exhibit loyalty to them and the team.    Show trust and confidence.

b)    Motivation – Communicate effectively and clearly without vulgarity, anger or sarcasm.

c)     Sportsmanship – Winning isn’t everything.  Understand that success is measure in your team’s performance and behavior not by the result on the scoreboard. 

d)    Composure – A calm demeanor is essential to allow your players to be focused and to deliver a peak performance.

e)     Organization – Have practice plans ready.  Study film. Take time out of your day to be prepared for your next game.

f)     Punctuality – Be on time.  Start and end practice on time.  Show the importance of being early to prepare.

g)     Knowledge – Study the game you coach.  See the Athletic Director for professional development ideas.

h)    Enthusiasm – Be excited about coaching your team.  It is amazing how teams will perform if you believe in them.

i)      Positive – Be encouraging and supportive of your team.

j)      Respectful – Respect for your opponent is an integral part of any definition of sportsmanship.  Demonstrate respect for your players. Respect and know the history and traditions of the game you are coaching and teaching.  Respect the officials without whom there would be no equitable contest in which to compete.  Respect opposing players and coaches.

k)    Health – Promote healthy habits and lifestyles.


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