Health Risks of Sports Specialization

Health Risks of Sports Specialization

Another article that gives specific examples of why specializing in one sport can have major health risks.  I believe that athletes until the age of 16 or 17 should be playing more than one sport and having a “down” period to each year.  What is a down period?  It is at least a month or two where the athlete does not play a sport or train.  This allows the muscles to heal and relax, as well as mental break for the athlete.  Everyone thinks in this day and age that if you stop playing, or training, that you are falling behind the athlete that goes all year round.  I believe this is just a myth.  Talent is talent, and college recruiters will find it no matter whether you play twelve months a year or nine.  Make sure to give your body and mind time to rest and relax during a calendar year and I promise you will still achieve your athletic goals.


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