Coach-Parent Conflicts

Coach-Parent Conflicts

A very interesting read about the growing problem between coach and parent in high school sports.  It has become more and more of an issue in todays high schools.  What I like to refer to as “helicopter” parents have made it less appealing to be a coach these days.  They can be demanding and delusional when it comes to their own child’s athletic ability.  Often times questioning playing time, coaching tactics, and how a coach disciplines the team.  This is a drastic change to when I played in high school.  My parents never even spoke to any of my coaches in the four years I was in school.  They told me if things were not going my way to work harder, or ask the coach what I might be able to work on.  Todays parents have a tendency to question whether the coach understands their child, and tell them what they need to change to get through to them.  I believe email has played a major role in this change.  It gives parents the freedom to write the coach or a school administrator when ever they feel the need.  In the past, they actually had to call and have a conversation with the coach.  It is much easier to just sit at a computer and type their complaint, many times wanting an instant response.  I believe the truest form of communication is a face to face meeting or conversation, as unpleasant as they may be from time to time.

I hope that this trend ends soon as many great high schools coaches have decided to call it quits instead of dealing with these type of parents.  The majority of parents can be supportive, and encouraging to coaches but they are not the ones with the biggest voices.  I wish that more of these parents would come forward and applaud great coaches to the athletic director and school administrators.  They need to hear more of the good, or they will ever hear is the bad.  So if you are a parent, and feel as though your son or daughters coach is doing a good job, please voice your opinion, it will make a world of difference.


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